Midi Grasshopper 5.4 review

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Midi Grasshopper is a MIDI sequencing application.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 300K
Developer: Thinking Cap
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Price: $24.00
Updated: 27 May 2006
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Midi Grasshopper is a MIDI sequencing application. A user may create MIDI files and .aiff files for burning on a CD for play back on any CD Player.

Midi Grasshopper uses Apple's Audio Units for sound synthesis.

The Midi Grasshopper requires a MIDI keyboard controller. The Midi Grasshopper does not require a synthesizer.

Here are some key features of "Midi Grasshopper":
Create MIDI Sequences
Create, add, and edit multiple tracks in MIDI sequences
Edit Timbre, Volume, Pan, and Expression
Loop tracks
Edit MIDI Event time and pitch via Graphic Event Editor
MIDI Keyboard Input (via) USB
Send MIDI events to Apple Internal Synthesizer
Send MIDI events to external tone generator (synthesizer)
Send MIDI Events to Sound Font .sf2 and .dls files
Record Audio via USB microphone
Import Comma Separated Value Files into a track
Export sequences to MIDI file (with .mid extension)
Export Audio and MIDI Tracks to an Audio File (.aiff) for CD players
Edit Reverberation of Apple Internal Synthesizer
Edit Apple Internal Synthesizer db and tuning
Drag and Drop Midi events to Clippings window for reuse
Metronome for keeping time during recording
Preset instrumental groups for automated track creation
Virtual MIDI Keyboard Controller (standard alphanumeric keyboard controls MIDI events
Edit Tempi of a Sequence via Tempo Track.

What's New:
Graphic MIDI Event Editor can append and edit notes.

Midi Keyboard controller.

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