MenuCalendarClock for iCal 2.6.1 review

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MenuCalendarClock is an iCal compatible menu calendar and a configurable menu clock.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1353K
Developer: Objectpark Software
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Updated: 15 Sep 2006
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MenuCalendarClock is an iCal compatible menu calendar and a configurable menu clock.

Besides an elegant and streamlined look, it offers many compelling features to make it the ultimate calendaring utility for the Mac.

MenuCalendarClock displays a monthly calendar view in a drawer when the user clicks the calendar icon in the menu bar.

Tooltips show iCal events and to do items. A double click on a day opens that day in iCal.

The clock is highly configurable and can display both date and time.

Release versions support English, German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Catalan, Italian, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish, Simplified Chinese and Japanese user interfaces.

Basic features are free, advanced features require registration.

Here are some key features of "MenuCalendarClock for iCal":
Pocket Calendar Display
Display of Calendar Week Numbers
Click on Day/Week/Month Opens iCal
Configurable Menubar Clock
Customizable Window Color
Calendar Autohiding.

Only for registered users:
Sync Birthdays from AddressBook into iCal
Configurable Hotkey
Shows Events from iCal
Schedule List of Events from iCal
Configurable Automatic Update-Check.

What's New:
improved display of links (URLs) in events
simple and easy self-update process for future updates
birthday calendars did not automatically update sometimes * fixed
birthday events now include a link that opens the person's file in Address Book
turning off the menu item tooltip was only effective after restarting MenuCalendarClock * fixed
in rare cases, the popup menu for the birthday calendar showed the wrong calendar * fixed.

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