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The new Digigami MegaPEG.

License: Comercialware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Digigami, Inc.
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Updated: 20 Dec 2005
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The new Digigami MegaPEG.X product line approaches video compression from a revolutionary new perspective which includes the compressionist, you, as a key aspect of the compression process.

No longer 'in the dark' about how/why your compressed video looks good or bad, MegaPEG.X and its big brother Pro (G4/G5) include all the tools you need to take your own video compression projects from good, to better, to perfect.

With detailed feedback tools which show you exactly how the bitrate and compression are being applied over the length of the movie file, in conjunction with an encoder configurable in just about any way you can imagine, every person can have the fine-control over compression that the big Hollywood studios enjoy.

Make Web Movies, VideoCD, Super-VideoCD or DVD files quickly and easily, and over time, learn how to exceed what most people consider to be 'state of the art' quality for any particular medium.

Includes descriptive overview of the MPEG compression process, and how to interpret the graphical analysis and use what you learn to alter compression settings.

Even more, you can RIP and analyze Hollywood DVD discs (requires separate decryption software - available elsewhere on VT) to find out exactly how Hollywood discs are compressed.

Gorgeous Aqua GUI with wild new buttons that actually indent where you click them. Includes over 40 predefined templates which cover the gamut of video compression tasks. This software is the same as the Pro version, except the Pro version only runs on G4 and higher, whereas this version is G3 and higher, and so runs on any modern Mac running OS X.

What's New:
Bug fixes and improvements for transcoding H.264 movies
Only G3-compatible professional MMPEG encoder left in the game!
Reads .m2v files with "videophile" decoder for phenomenal DVD to S-VCD transcoding.

Macintosh with PowerPC G3, G4 or G5. (Note: for Velocity Engine, see our 'Pro' version).

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