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Marquee X Marquee X 0.6
Marquee X - the return of the scrolling text.
Marquee Marquee 1.0.4
Get the showtimes for your local (US Only) movie theaters in this gorgeous aqua marquee.
adScreen Studio adScreen Studio
adScreen studio scrolls 3d texts, RSS feeds, files dinamically
Copy Grabber Copy Grabber 6.04
If you have ever wished that you could Cut, Copy and Paste an entire column of tabular copy in two easy steps, then the Copy Grabber XTensions module to QuarkXPress is ideal for you.
adScreen Saver adScreen Saver 2.4.1
The adScreen Saver able to play your designed project by adScreen Studio
AlphaCapture AlphaCapture 1.1
AlphaCapture is a professional screen capture utility for MacOS X.
Math Grabber Math Grabber 3.10
The Math Grabber XTensions module to QuarkXPress allows you to perform mathematical calculations on numerical text appearing anywhere in a QuarkXPress document.
Text Grabber Text Grabber 3.26
The Text Grabber XTensions module to QuarkXPress provides a unique new way for the QuarkXPress operator to select and modify text.
3D Fireworks by the Bay 3D Fireworks by the Bay 1.0
Fireworks shoot up from the water to light the sky over rippling waters.
Tips Widget Mini Tips Widget Mini 1.0
Tips Widget Mini is the Mini version for the Popular Tips Widget.

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