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Mariner Calc is the ultimate number cruncher.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 10 Aug 2006
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Mariner Calc is the ultimate number cruncher. Mariner Calc is a powerful, yet streamlined spreadsheet for the Mac OS designed for the analysis, simulation and forecasting of numerical data.

It adds new capabilities through its use of multiple layers in a document.
Subtly powerful 150 built-in functions
That means charts, named ranges, split and freeze window pane views, multiple finds, sorting, auto-sum, protected worksheets, and cell borders. Try using all of them, we bet you can't!
Layering...and we don't mean dressing for a Minnesota winter
Mariner's layered sheets, sort of like Excel's multiple worksheets, are great. Layered sheets allow you to share information between sheets via a tabbed palette. What more, they're easily created via a pop-up menu at the bottom of the document window. Layers can be exported to other spreadsheet applications as documents via a single menu option.

The devil is in the details
Most people can tell when they are working with an intuitive piece of software. While no software is perfect for every user, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to know when a product has been developed with the common user in mind. We think Calc steps into this ring. Some examples: Calc can align text and numbers within cells vertically as well as horizontally, Calc can align headings across a range of cells. For those "oh shoot" moments, Calc has nine levels of undo! Calc's range of formulas is impressive, too; useful formulas for calculating depreciation will appeal to business users.

Plays nice with others
Mariner Calc also works flawlessly with its sister product, Mariner Write, our Mac OS X word processor, bundled as the MarinerPak. Why fork over $400 for MS Office? Why spend $200 for the latest Office update? We have streamlined Calc and Write to include only the "necessary" features. The features that won't get in the way of getting your work done. Features you will actually use. And yes, we read Excel and Word files so your friends and colleagues can send you files. The MarinerPak is a fraction of the cost of Office yet offers around 70% of the Excel and Word feature set that you need.

Here are some key features of "Mariner Calc":
Starts faster, uses less disk space and memory than the nearest competitor.
Mariner Calc is available in native OSX and Classic Mac versions, allowing you to run
the same application on old or new machines.
32, rows x 32, columns spreadsheets to analyze large data sets.
Graphics and drawing tools enhance the appearance of your documents.
15 chart types to graphically view data.
Dynamic scrolling lets you see your pages move as you drag the scroll control.
80,+ word spelling dictionary.
WorldScript savvy–supports Kanji and numerous other international scripts.
Macintosh Drag and Drop gives you a powerful alternative to cut, copy, and paste.
Multiple undo feature lets you trace your last 9 steps.
150 built in functions, named ranges, split and freeze window panes, print preview, find and replace, sorting, auto sum, protected worksheets, cell borders …
Save your documents in SYLK, CSV and various ASCII text formats.

What's New:
Added - Universal Binary Support.
Added - Miscellaneous performance enhancements.
Added - Improvement in Excel import speed.
Fixed - Two compatibility issues with OS 10.4.
Fixed - Updated Japanese language resources.
Fixed - Japanese font display.
Fixed - Japanese input method.
Fixed - Shutdown save error.

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