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Marbles Shooter Marbles Shooter 1.0
Marbles Shooter is a new astonishing game for the puzzle aficionados.
Rolling Marbles Rolling Marbles 1.02
The highly original and addictive action/logic game in gorgeous 65,000+ colors
Marbles Marbles 1.2
For anyone who has become caught up in the Bejeweled craze, Marbles is sure to
SAKURA marbles SAKURA marbles 1.0
SAKURA marbles is a small set of colorfull glass marbles to bring a little light to your desktop.
Marbles Deluxe Marbles Deluxe 1.31a
Based on the Amiga classic, this is a unique puzzler with 3D rendered graphics.
Monkey Marbles Monkey Marbles 2.0
The WidgetMonkeys second, fun little time-wasting game widget.
Equilibria Equilibria 1.0
Equilibria is the name of the game in this exciting game of balance.
Aqua marbles Aqua marbles 1.0
The Aqua marbles icons set are so shinny and good looking that some of you will feel a sudden craving to eat them.
Mike`s Marbles Mike`s Marbles 1.1.1
Mike's Marbles is a collection of many block-falling and marble-shooting puzzlers with style.
Marbol Marbol 1.0
Cryptic Allusion and Ganksoft are proud to announce the first preview release of Marbol, exclusively for the Apple Macintosh! Marbol is a fast-action puzzle game of skill, where you must place marbles according to color and destroy as many as possible before you are disrupted by random marbles being pushed from the bottom.

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