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MangasBorrowing is a small thing I did for my personal use.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 816K
Developer: KamaShin
Price: $0.00
Updated: 26 Apr 2006
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MangasBorrowing is a small thing I did for my personal use. I have a lot of mangas/animes that I lend very often to many friends at the same time. I did this app just to keep track of my things. Not many of you will find it usefull but if you do, feel free to report any bug and/or any suggestion of improvement(s) you may want to see for futur versions (if I don't receive any mail with suggestions/wishes lists, I won't update it 'cause I don t really need any improvement right now).

The app has been compiled with the latest version of RealBasic and has been tested on OS X.3 Panther (for the carbon version) and on OS 9.2.1 for the Classic version...

It is very easy to use (I did it both cause I wanted an easy app, AND I like coding ^_^) so there isn't any documentation (nobody will need a documentation for it...).

Also, though there must be tons of app doing it already, I'd like to make an app like this one but a bit more sophisticated yet almost as easy to use as this one...

Something that would work a bit like iCal but for borrowings with the possibility to create different kind of things to borrow (not just mangas/animes), associate different lists of borrowers for each king of things to borrow and so on... Since I don't have any other motivation than just the fact that I like coding, tell me if you would be interested in such an app... That would convince me to do it 'cause this wiil be far more time-consuming than this one app you just downloaded :)

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