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MailQueen Pro is a feature-rich mass e-mailing application that empowers you to reach new contacts and keep existing clients.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2285K
Developer: Borderland Consulting Inc.
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Updated: 24 Aug 2005
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MailQueen Pro is a feature-rich mass e-mailing application that empowers you to reach new contacts and keep existing clients. Use it for your company or personal newsletters as well as your next e-mail marketing campaign. You are in control with its simple and powerful interface and its advanced e-mail designer and returned mail manager features. Use its embedded image manager to control images you send with HTML e-mails and don't forget about its task manager and e-mail scheduler features that will help you get your mailing out on time.

Here are some key features of "MailQueen Pro":
MailQueen™ Pro lets you send multiple mass e-mails at one time to an unlimited number of recipients.  
MailQueen™ Pro now comes with a built-in preview that allows you to view your HTML email in real time. You can also view your mail merges in the preview pane to make sure your e-mail is formatted correctly for all your recipients.
MailQueen™ Pro runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X so no matter what platform you use, you can make MailQueen™ Pro part of your application toolset.
MailQueen™ Pro is multithreaded - when sending out an e-mail, you can specify how many connections to the server you want to use. This allows your computer to send more e-mails per minute.
MailQueen™ Pro lets you use multiple servers, names and addresses to send e-mails. You no longer have to send your mass e-mailings through just one server and use only one name and address.
MailQueen™ Pro uses simple comma delimited data files as address lists. It's easy to get your data out of Microsoft Access, Excel, OpenOffice and other tools so you don't have to worry about double entry any more.
Send e-mails when you are not around with MailQueen™ Pro's flexible scheduling feature.
Design both Plain Text and HTML e-mails with the E-mail Designer.
Use MailQueen™ Pro's simple-to-use E-mail Merger to merge your custom data into each e-mail and subject line!
Retain complete control over embedded images in your HTML e-mails. MailQueen™ Pro's Embedded Image Manager allows you to manage which images do and don't get sent.
Use exclusion address lists to block MailQueen™ Pro from sending e-mail to unsubscribed and bounced e-mail addresses. Just specify a file containing the address list, and MailQueen™ Pro will exclude these addresses automatically - without your having to process your e-mail lists through an external address processor.
Preview your e-mail in multiple mail clients by using MailQueen™ Pro's Send a Preview feature. This is the only way to really know what your recipients will see.
Manage failed, bounced and unsubscribe e-mail effortlessly with MailQueen™ Pro's Returned E-mail Manager.
MailQueen™ Pro is stable. It is built on server-class Java-based technologies using industrial-strength tools which give you a robust application.

Limited to sending 30 messages per mailing, and each message will contain an unregistered product notice.

What's New:
New List Manager feature to edit and manage mailing lists directly within the application.
It also supports secure SSL connections and an internal SMTP server to send mail without needing to configure an external SMTP server.

Mac OS 10.3 or later
Java 1.4 or later.

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