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Mail2iCalToDo is an AppleScript that can be used to export the Reply-To and Subject of Mail.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 107K
Developer: KleinWare
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Updated: 21 Jul 2006
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Mail2iCalToDo is an AppleScript that can be used to export the Reply-To and Subject of email messages into Apple's iCal ToDo lists.

Place the script inside the folder ~/Library/Scripts.

There are two methods to use this script:

1. Manually In MacOS 10.4.x (Tiger), you should use the AppleScript Utility to add the AppleScriptMenu to your menubar. Select the messages you wish to convert and call the script by selecting it in the menu
2. Automatically from a mail rule. In, create a new rule and choose "Run AppleScript" as action Click "Choose" and navigate to the script location The script will automatically be called on all messages that your new rule applies to

With MacOS 10.4 (Tiger), Apple changed a lot of's internal workings. This means, the script needed a major overhaul. Unfortunately, it also means that the script can't ask for a default calendar when run from a rule, since that crashes Mail. The solution for the time being is to check for a default calendar and when there is none, create one called "Email" You can still set a default calendar by running the script manually once, as rule execution will use this value. To change calendar or due date, run the script manually with no messages selected in Mail. You will be prompted with the option to reset. If you click 'Reset', you may choose or create a new calendar and set a new due date.

What's New:
Mail2iCalTodo is now part of Mail2iCal, available here
Users of earlier OS versions should use the alternate download link for version 1.2 of this script.

Apple iCal 2.0.3
Apple 2.1.

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