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mAdmin, a powerful new Macintosh administration utility from Infamus Software.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1298K
Developer: Infamus Software
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Price: $23.00
Updated: 14 Nov 2005
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mAdmin, a powerful new Macintosh administration utility from Infamus Software.
Keep your Mac under control with mAdmin.
mAdmin offers dozens of features that make it perfect for use in schools, libraries, offices, internet cafes, dorms, and even home. mAdmin offers powerful features without being intrusive, in-your-face, RAM-hungry, or CPU-intensive.

Here are some key features of "mAdmin":
Restrict or require access to certain applications or control panels.
Restrict or require access to any folder/directory.
Restrict System Folder access to protect your Mac setup, security, and reliability.
Restrict File Sharing.
Keep users from installing new software.
Restrict removable disks, CDs, and DVDs from being used.
Control the system volume level.
Keep users from placing items in the Trash.
Control use of file sharing or music swapping applications.
Restrict resource editing utilities like ResEdit.
Control use of internet chat programs (or any internet application).
Restrict use of Sherlock/Find File.
Password protect mAdmin prefs and changes.
Restrict constantly or schedule restricted time down to the minute!
Keep an automatic log of attempted restricted use.
Alert users about a restricted act and show them a schedule (if enabled).
Import and export settings for easy use on multiple Macs.

The demo version has 2 restrictions:
No password.
8 minute limit.

PowerPC Macintosh
1.3MB free RAM.

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