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MIB stands for "Machine Independent Bookmarks".

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 287K
Developer: Gesundheit Software
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Updated: 06 Jun 2006
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MIB stands for "Machine Independent Bookmarks". The MIB project is predicated on the idea that web browser bookmarks are not best suited to local storage on a per-browser basis. Proponents of MIB believe that your bookmarks should be accessible from any computer, from any browser, on any platform, always and forever. Unfortunately, as of this writing, the MIB client only works from Cocoa web browsers on systems running OS X 10.4 or better... but that's a start!

MIB is a SIMBL plugin that seamlessly integrates a "Remote Bookmarks" menu into supported Cocoa browsers. Adding and managing bookmarks works much the same way as in Safari, except that any additions / modifications you make to your bookmark store are recorded to our servers. This provides MIB users with many advantages, the foremost of which are:
• Where you go, they will follow - Your bookmarks are accessible anywhere you go. You can access your bookmarks from any machine with an active Internet connection that has an MIB client installed. Importing / exporting bookmarks from one computer, to another, to another, ad nauseum never has to happen again.
• ... even across multiple browsers - You can access your bookmarks from any browsers supported by MIB.. on the same computer.. on different computers.. it's up to you.
• ... even if your hard drive goes away. - If you ever lost data, you may know how frustrating it is to.. um.. lose data. While your browser bookmarks may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you're intent on recovering files, you may rest assured that our servers are pretty stable, our data is backed up, and it's fairly likely that your bookmark store will survive any hard drive failures on your end.

A supported web browser (Safari, Camino, Shiira).

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