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You organize your digital photos.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 6180K
Developer: Advenio, LLC
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Updated: 10 Jan 2007
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You organize your digital photos. You make playlists of your mp3s. Now bring your recipe organization up to that same level of functionality with MacGourmet.

Think of MacGourmet as "iTunes" for recipes. MacGourmet is an application that lets you create and edit recipes, wine notes and cooking notes, easily browse your entire collection, build your own custom lists for categories like appetizers or desserts, import your MasterCook, MasterCook Mac and Meal-Master recipes, and publish your favorite recipes and notes to your .Mac account for everyone to see.

MacGourmet lets you easily share your recipes and notes with others in other ways too. Export them, complete with pictures, or publish them with export files that let you just drag them from a web page into your recipe box to easily add them to your collection.

In addition to recipes, MacGourmet lets you save notes and labels for wines you've had, creating a digital wine scrapbook.

Had a great wine that would go well with a certain recipe? MacGourmet lets you make a relationship between them. In fact, make one or many relationships between every kind of recipe box item.

And like your wine notes, you can keep lists of your cooking notes, those nuggets of wisdom that are general and not necessarily specific to any one recipe or wine.

MacGourmet gives you many ways to organize and view your recipes and notes in ways that you want. View all of your recipes in one place in the "My Recipes" list. Create new lists and add as many sub-lists as you'd like. Create Smart lists, based on search criteria you specify, that keep themselves updated for you.

MacGourmet is based on browsing and organization. The item views are large and colorful and include your images and notes. You can even specify the "theme" that you like best and have it used when viewing.

MacGourmet doesn't limit you to viewing everything all in one window either. You can easily open categories in their own windows, making browsing and searching even easier.

MacGourmet gives you all sorts of ways to search your recipes and notes. Filter on text in the name of your recipes, select a column and start typing to jump to items in a list, rate your recipes, keep track of the recipes you have prepared, see in a glance which recipes have pictures, they are all easy with MacGourmet.

In addition, MacGourmet has powerful Find functionality. Can't decide what to make sometimes? Use Quick Find to enter ingredients you have and ones you do not and let MacGourmet show you the recipes you can make, or use "Pot Luck" Find to randomly suggest some recipes to you.

If you want to know what "chicken" recipes you have in your recipe box, you can easily search for them, or even make a smart list that searches for "chicken" recipes for you and keeps itself up to date as you add new.

MacGourmet makes it easier than ever to share your recipes and notes with others. With the publishing feature, you can quickly and painlessly create web pages of recipes that let others read and import them. Importing recipes into MacGourmet is as simple as dragging a recipe link off of your web page into MacGourmet. No muss, no fuss. What could be easier? In addition, you can also publish recipes and notes to any WebDav server or your local file system.

MacGourmet™ is a available as download that is both the demo and the full version. When unregistered, the version available here allows you to use the it 20 times. During this trial period, you can use all of the features MacGourmet offers. After you have exceeded the 20 session limit, all of your information will still exist, but MacGourmet will no longer be able to access it, until you purchase a registration. Purchasing a serial number will allow you to unlock all of the functionality.

What's New:
Updated licensing engine to a new version with improved stability and performance.
Updated Spotlight importer to prevent conflicts between the current version of MacGourmet and the forthcoming version 2.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
.Mac account or file server for .Mac publishing.

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