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Macaroni is a tool which handles regular maintenance for Mac OS X's UNIX core.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 979K
Developer: Atomic Bird
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Updated: 04 Oct 2006
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Macaroni is a tool which handles regular maintenance for Mac OS X's UNIX core. Normally these tasks run on a regular schedule, in the middle of the night. However if you don't leave your Mac on all night, they never run. Your Mac won't wake from sleep to handle this.

Macaroni automatically ensures that if a scheduled maintenance task is not run when it's normally scheduled, it's run at the next opportunity, whenever the Mac is on.

Here are some key features of "Macaroni":
Runs all maintenance automatically. No remembering-- just install and Macaroni handles it for you.
Automatically repairs Mac OS X permissions. Note that this feature requires Mac OS X 10.2 or higher.
Runs improved versions of Unix regular maintenance scripts for daily, weekly, and monthly cleanup.
Maintenance tasks may be scheduled to occur only when your Mac is idle (similar to the way a screen saver waits for idle time).
PowerBook and iBook users! Maintenance tasks may be scheduled so that they don't run when you're on battery power. Instead they'll wait until the power adapter is plugged in.
Configurable: Add your own scheduled tasks
Custom tasks can be scheduled as daily, weekly, monthly, at regular intervals (such as "every three days"), or whenever the Mac wakes up.
Tracks maintenance history
Displays results of latest maintenance run.

35 days trial.

What's New:
Universal Binary update for compatibility with Intel Macs.

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