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MacAdministrator 3.

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OS: Mac OS X
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Updated: 13 Jul 2006
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MacAdministrator 3.0 is a powerful management system for computers running Mac OS from version 7.5.5 to 9.2.2 and Mac OS X. It provides an extensive range of features, implemented automatically on client machines by extensible agent technology.

Features includes login and authentication to any server platform, desktop protection, print monitoring and control, software and hardware audits, software distribution and healing, user and user groups and profiles, machine and machine groups and profiles, timetabling, remote administration, remote commands and much more.
MacAdministrator does not require a server application, or even a Macintosh server - just a Macintosh share on any server platform. With its client-based agent technology it is extremely 'network-lite' and, as a result, highly scaleable. You can also configure the required settings from any Macintosh client on the network.

The latest version, MacAdministrator 3.0 sets new standards for managing, protecting, administrating and integrating networked Macintosh computers. It is widely used within education and is also becoming increasingly popular in other organizations where hot-desking occurs or where the benefits of MacAdministrator's numerous features are optimized.

For further information on this new release, please select 'Overview' from the menu bar.

What's New:
The most significant change in this version is full compatibility with Intel based Macs.
MacAdministrator 3.4.3 is a free upgrade to existing MacAdministrator 3.4.x users, and the update process can either be done through the "Check for Updates" option under the File menu in the Configuration Manager application, or by downloading the full installer from our FTP server using the same MacAdministrator 3.4.x download instructions as issued previously. If you need to be sent those download instructions again, then please contact

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