M-Beat 3.0 review

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M-Beat is flexibility for iTunes.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 636K
Developer: The Little App Factory
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Price: $10.00
Updated: 28 Aug 2006
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M-Beat is flexibility for iTunes. You're in the driver's seat with the ultimate iTunes Companion Application, featuring one-click menu items, hot keys and floating windows. Best of all, it's completely customizable.

Here are some key features of "M Beat":
One click access to basic controls
Fast search
Hotkey Controls
Artwork retrieval from Internet
Playlist Access
Volume Control
iPod Syncing
Scrolling song information in the menubar
Song rating from the menubar
Future song listing
Floating window to display song information how and when you want it
Non-intrusive customizable notifications
Completely Skinnable
Completely Customizable.

M-Beat will run, without limitation, for 10 sessions. After you use all of the 10 sessions, you'll need to purchase M-Beat to use any of the application's functionality.

What's New:
[Feature] - Fast Search groups songs by artist, sorting them by artists with most songs
[Feature] - Added Fast Search to menubar by clicking artist name
[Feature] - Added Fast Search to floater by clicking artist name
[Feature] - New floater - "MiniFloat" - small and cute!
[Feature] - Added the option to pause iTunes if the screensaver is activated
[Enhancement] - Enhanced interactivity with iTunes - more reliable, much faster
[Enhancement] - Cover art screen provides more information
[Enhancement] - Previous, Next and Pause/Play not shown in menu when menubar controls are shown
[Enhancement] - Floating windows are more customizable, allowing user to control resizing of window
[Enhancement] - Floating windows can be repositioned at any time
[Enhancement] - Cover art can be changed multiple times within one search
[Enhancement] - New hotkey options for display preferences and rate song 0 stars
[Enhancement] - Clicking playlists in menu can play the playlist from the start
[Enhancement] - Floater options moved to the "Floater" pane
[Enhancement] - Includes improved Crash Reporter and Updating
[Enhancement] - Floater text can intelligently resize to try and fit in a fixed width floater
[Enhancement] - Simplified menu, including Play and Pause condensed from two options into one
[Bug Fix] - Cover art loading does not lock the program
[Bug Fix] - Announcing the song title does not set iTunes to mute
[Bug Fix] - No cover art results handled without continuing to search
[Bug Fix] - Rating a song makes announcer start again
[Bug Fix] - Floater disappears when no song is playing
[Bug Fix] - Changing floater type gets song details correctly
[Bug Fix] - Duplicate Theme button works correctly
[Bug Fix] - Fast Search database updates when iTunes changes, not just on startup
[Bug Fix] - Cover art search works from startup, whenever a song is playing
[Bug Fix] - Identifies songs correctly when played through a network, iTunes radio, iTunes store and podcasts
[Bug Fix] - Preferences window was not opening on occasions
[Bug Fix] - Missing song information on launch now available.

iTunes 4.8 or later.

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