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loopBlock will let an administrative user on a local computer (running Mac OS 10.

License: GPL
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 69K
Developer: Eddie Kelley
Price: $0.00
Updated: 24 Aug 2006
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loopBlock will let an administrative user on a local computer (running Mac OS 10.2 or later) declare certain domain names, and IP addresses "blocked". This will disallow the users on the system access to any network or computer listed.

This program modifies the "/etc/hosts" file, adding domain names or IP addresses to the list of hosts in the file. These domain names, or addresses are set to route to the "loopback" address on the machine. This will cause any lookup of a name listed in loopBlock to route to the local machine. At that point, the machine will either access services on the local computer (eg. personal web sharing). This way, the administrator can set up a "restricted access" index.html page to let other users know that they cannot access the requested name or address (this may be implemented in possible future versions).

To use the program, enter domain names, or IP addresses of computers that should be "blocked". Push the return key, or press the "Block" button to add the name to the list. You must push the "Save" button to apply the settings. This is where an administrative name or password is needed to save the list.

This software has an import function that will allow the user to import entries from a Comma Delimited Text File (.CSV). Select "Import" from under the "File" menu, and select the file that contains the data you wish to import.

The program will let the user flush the lookupd cache. This option is available in "Preferences" under the "loopBlock" menu. This helps in some instances, because Mac OS X consults that cache before the configuration files that loopBlock modifies (/etc/hosts).

What's New:
Bux fix: no longer assigns incorrect permissions when replacing hosts file
Added import option under file menu.
Added function that flushes lookupd cache.

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