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MacWolf DLL Loader MacWolf DLL Loader 1.0
MacWolf DLL Loader is a tool for developers of Return to Castle Wolfenstein mods.
VLC RAR-Loader VLC RAR-Loader 1.2
VLC RAR-Loader will let you play rar-compressed movies using VLC without having to extract them first.
Country Loader Country Loader 1.0
Country Loader is a WebObjects project which will load 243 countries, along with their ISO codes, into a database.
Connection Check and App Loader Connection Check and App Loader 1.0
Connection Check and App Loader is a useful and simple script that determines if there is an Internet connection.
Data Loader Data Loader 4.8
A simple tool to export, import, migrate and convert databases and CSV files.
Simple Loader Simple Loader 1.0
Simple Loader is an Applescript that treats clipboard contents as a file name and opens it.
iPSP Movie Loader iPSP Movie Loader 1.0.2
While iPSP was built specifically for total PSP Multimedia Management from the ground up to allow PC and Mac Users to easily manage their Video, Audio and photos, iPSP Movie Loader was built to make getting video onto a PSP *even easier* How Easy? One Click Easy.
DN Map Loader DN Map Loader 1.2.1
With DN Map Loader you simply add the files for a map or TC, select the map in the list, and click the Play Map button to start Duke Nukem.
FontLoader FontLoader 1.1.0
Install and uninstall fonts easily!
Lightning Brain ImageLibraryLoader for InDesign Lightning Brain ImageLibraryLoader for InDesign 1.0.1
The Image Library Loader plug-in allows users to select a folder and automatically fill a floating palette with any images found in that folder.

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