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LiveMath Viewer is the demo version of LiveMath Maker.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: MathMonkeys, LLC
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Updated: 10 Feb 2006
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LiveMath Viewer is the demo version of LiveMath Maker. LiveMath Viewer can open all LiveMath notebooks, and allow you to interact, explorer, and change LiveMath expressions and graphs. LiveMath Viewer looks exactly the same as LiveMath Maker, but has the reduced functionality of LiveMath Plug-In. LiveMath Viewer includes the Examples and Help areas of LiveMath Maker, so that you may try out the LiveMath system in a live demonstration, before you purchase.

Here are some key features of "LiveMath Viewer":
Graphing 2D Function
Graph y=f(x) in a very simple notebook.
Graphing 3D Function
Graph z=f(x,y) in a very simple notebook.
Factoring a Polynomial
Basic factoring, both over Reals and Complex numbers.
Solving an Equation
Solving an equation involving a polynomial and multiple steps.
Computing Trigonometric Values
Working with trig values and a graph.
Calculus: Limits
Compute some limits both algebraically (using factoring) and numerically.
Calculus: Derivatives
Compute symbolically and graph derivatives of functions.
Multiple 3D Graphs
Graph multiple 3D objects, including two surfaces, three points, and one curve.
Implicit Function Graphs
Graph solutions to the equation f(x,y) = 0.
View and interact with an animation of a family of curves.
Vector Field
View and interact with a vector field defined by F(x,y) = (f(x,y), g(x,y)).

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