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Promote your website easily with LinkAssistant - powerful SEO software for reciprocal link exchange! Hi, and welcome to Link-Assistant.

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Updated: 03 Jan 2007
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Promote your website easily with LinkAssistant - powerful SEO software for reciprocal link exchange!
Hi, and welcome to! Who am I? They call me LinkAssistant, but you may just call me Linky if you like. And you guessed it - my job is to help you guys bring your website from the ashes and up a notch, where it truly belongs - to a top search placement.

How do I do it? By automagically increasing the link popularity of your website, and so positively affecting its rating in major search engines. Because you're too busy to do it yourself, aren't you? That's why you're here. What is this "link popularity" thingy you ask? Go read about stuff like Google PageRankā„¢ and link popularity here.

Here are some key features of "LinkAssistant":
I can find new solid link partners for you. Pretty fast, too. And without using any dirty tricks.
I can help you convince your potential partners to swap links with your site. That's right, this is also called "reciprocal linking". The convincing part is done with the help of personalized emails, and the process is automated.
When you have enough links pointing to your site, and you have an equally big Links.html page pointing to many other sites, I can help you keep you backlinks up-to-date, by automatically ensuring no link partner decides to cheat on you, and drop his part of the bargain one day. So I'll scan all partners' sites periodically, just in case.
I'll easily generate an advanced, custom Links.html page for you, and let you preview it before uploading to the server.
Oh yeah, and those programmers made me entirely platform-independent, meaning I can run on any OS that supports Java. That includes Windows, Linux and Macintosh. Nice, eh?

Feel free to check out the trial version, which has all the advanced features available, but is limited to 15 link partners only.

What's New:
You can find out Google PageRank not for your partner's domain only, but also for the exact reciprocal link page (i.e. the partner's page where a link to your site is located). This allows you to find link partners' pages which suit your needs perfectly.
If you used to work with ARELIS software program before, you can easily import all link partners form your ARELIS project.
Now you can grab not only the domains but concrete link pages when looking for sites which already link to you.
Link partners' statuses.

Java Runtime Enviroment 1.4 or later.

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