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RadRSS RadRSS 3.1
RadRSS is an RSS specific socket which does all the heavy lifting of dealing with an RSS feed for you.
Workout Printer Workout Printer 1.1.0
If you are serious about your weight lifting or general exercise program, then Workout Printer is for you! Workout Printer allows you to quickly and easily create exercise workout routines and then print out tracking cards for use anywhere and anytime that you workout.
Ircle controls iTunes Ircle controls iTunes 1.1
Ircle controls iTunes is a set of AppleScripts that will let you launch iTunes, start playing songs, change volume and more all without lifting your hands from the keyboard.
Diffractor Diffractor 120
Lightweight photo and video management. Optimized for your graphics card and PC.
Quik-Ex Tracking Quik-Ex Tracking 1.5
Quik-Ex Exercise Tracking System - v1.5 - Ready-to-application - No IT required
Calc Thingy Calc Thingy 1.1.2
Calc thingy is completely respectable and is a wonderful tool for learning and performing daily mathematical functions.
theConcept theConcept 1.2.2
theConcept is a powerful language processor that reads and analyzes electronic documents and reports back to you with a summary of prevailing ideas in their content.
ThinkTanks for Mac ThinkTanks for Mac
Drive one of three tanks: light, medium and heavy.