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Lifeboat is a reliable, easy-to-use backup utility.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Mojave Shade Software
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Updated: 08 Aug 2006
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Lifeboat is a reliable, easy-to-use backup utility. Pick where, what, and when and Lifeboat will handle all the dirty work of backing up your files. With incremental backups and compression, your backups will take up as little time and space as possible.

Backups can be saved locally on your computer or an external hard drive or sent over a network to a .Mac account or even a shared folder on a windows computer. Wherever you choose to backup, Lifeboat will copy your files, compress them, and write out a digest of what it did for restoring later.

Lifeboat is designed to make restoration as possible as it can. Restore directly from a backup task, from any backup digest, or if all else fails, restore from the backup manually. Lifeboat creates a human-readable digest at each backup location that you can use to locate each file and place it in its original location.

Files can be chosen in two ways: pick them directly or use a smart group to grab a set of files. Smart groups can be created just like a smart folder in finder and will automatically update as you add files to that set of files.

Here are some key features of "Lifeboat":
Extendable Backup Destinations
Auto-updating File Smart Groups
Customizable Event Notifications
Full or Partial Restore.

Fully functional demo. Lifeboat is limited to 800 files per backup and 3 tasks if unregistered.

What's New:
[chg] Updated some of the help files.
[chg] Dates and times now consider system preferences when displayed.
[fix] Fixed a bug where resizing the restore sheet would not resize the browser in it.
[fix] Fixed a bug where attempting to backup certain system files would cause the helper to crash.

Lifeboat 1.3 brings new features including both full file attribute preservation, which is one step towards bootable backups, and an Apple Share backup destination. Also included in this release are several bug fixes and performance improvements.

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