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Launcher is a Cocoa adaptation of the MacOS 7/8.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 363K
Developer: Brian Hill
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Updated: 19 Feb 2018
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Launcher is a Cocoa adaptation of the MacOS 7/8.x Launcher control panel. Applications, files, and directories may be dragged onto one of the launcher panels, or aliases may be placed in the (Home)/Library/LauncherItems folder/subfolders.

There is now a New Panel… menu item to facilitate creation of new panels. New panels can also be created in a manner similar to the MacOS 8.x Launcher by creating subfolders with a prefix of _ or • on their name.

Available for both Mac OS X Server 1.x and Mac OS X 10.x (including 10.2.x).

What's New:
It finally remembers the window position and size now.
You can set it to use a 'Click' sound when you click the buttons.
You can change the name of the default panel from 'Apps' to anything you want.
There are now 'New Panel' and 'Reveal Launcher Folder' menu items.
If you wish to create panel folders 'manually' in the Finder, you can use either the previous _ (underscore) symbol to create panels, or now also use the • (option-8) bullet character, as the older Classic Launcher used to use.

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