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Laughing Man Factorial is a webpage monitoring tool.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 0K
Developer: Laughing Man Team
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Updated: 21 Nov 2005
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Laughing Man Factorial is a webpage monitoring tool.
Laughing Man Factorial is the paranormal evil twin of Laughing Man. Factorial also has an unexplained superiority complex, almost exponential you might say, over the original Laughing Man which we will hence forth refer to as Junior for appeasement of currently unwarranted hoity-toity. Like Junior it is an application for monitoring webpage changes, however it does so using the Objective-C/Cocoa framework as opposed to Java, and leverages Core Data, bindings, and value transformers to produce a smaller code footprint. Less fluff and more meat I say, more meat and less fluff.

Factorial is in a experimental state, it is not recommended that current users of Junior switch completely to this version. You can safely import your data and tinker with Factorial, but it is recommended that any data that you want to remain consistent, be done through old stable Junior.

Factorial may not be forgiving on data when upgrading from one version to the next for the next several releases, hence the adjectives paranormal and evil in the preface.

What's New:
Laughing Man Functional Equivalence
Save splitbar position on shutdown
categories with sites that have changed are displayed in blue
Double clicking on a category name edits category name in sheet
Append (#) to category when it has changed sites

Factorial differences
New sites and categories get added to the bottom of the list
Changelog available from InterWeb menu
Revision tally added in InterWebController. ChangeLog.txt is displayed automatically the first time a user uses a new version, as long as the constant is incremented every release...

Drag and Drop improvements
Custom NSTableView used to create custom drag image
Dragging bookmark to desktop creates webloc file
Kudos to the Colloquy team ( for releasing open source, some of their code was useful when adding support for external drags
Dragging a category to Safari or OmniWeb bookmarks page copies entries
Dragging webloc files to Laughing Man creates new entries
Dragging multiple bookmarks from Safari or OmniWeb creates new entries.

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