LapCop 3.0 review

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LapCop is a new and innovative security software application.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 501K
Developer: SweetCocoa
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Price: $25.00
Updated: 02 Sep 2005
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LapCop is a new and innovative security software application. In case your Mac gets stolen, LapCop sends an electronic alert to your e-mail address. This alert e-mail, containing the internet route to your Mac, together with information about its network settings, provides enough information to track your Mac.

While most other stealth programs just send you a daily e-mail containing all information about your laptop status, LapCop works smarter. It automatically detects when your Mac is stolen and goes into alarm mode. Once your stolen Mac gets connected, even for a very short time, LapCop will send a stealth e-mail. With this stealth e-mail the chances of catching a thief are pretty high for the police and other authorities and your case will get priority.

Note that for safety reasons, you can't test LapCop without registering.

What's New:
LapCop now reports the Mac's ethernet MAC address
Configuring LapCop can now be done through a pane in the System Preferences
LapCop now monitors wireless networks and sends an alert mail when your mac is connected to an unknown wireless network
LapCop 3.0 is Tiger ready and Tiger only.

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