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Powerful, sophisticated curve fitting and data analysis.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Synergy Software
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Updated: 09 May 2006
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Powerful, sophisticated curve fitting and data analysis.
KaleidaGraph is a technical graphing and data analysis program for MAC and PC users.

KaleidaGraph contains graphing, regression analysis and statistics all in one easy-to-use application.

KaleidaGraph possesses a nice suite of statistics functions (e.g. Kruskal-Wallis, Friedman, Holm, Dunnett).
Programming in KaleidaGraph involves creating either Plot Scripts or Macros. Plot Scripts allow you to repeatedly create the same plot with different data sets. Macros allow you to write programs for analyzing and transforming data in the data window.

The demos are full working versions with the save and export options disabled. Printed files will have a "demo banner". The Demo will expire in 45 days.

What's New:
Redesigned the data window to include the following:
Adjustable column width and row height.
Ability to select the font, font size, style, justification, font color, and background color for individual columns.
Ability to add horizontal and vertical splits to compare different sections of the same data window.
Column titles can be edited directly in the data window.
Added a toolbar to the top of each data window. Added an option to the Preferences dialog and a command to the Data menu to control whether the toolbar is displayed or hidden.
Added Dot, Summary Column, Double Y Bar, and Double Y Column plots.
Added the ability to change the position of the axes.
Added support for axis breaks.
Added the ability to choose how scientific and engineering notation plot labels are displayed.
Added six new formats for controlling the display of time series axis labels.
Added the Student-Newman-Keuls, Scheffe, and Fisher's LSD post hoc tests.
Added the ability to save a group layout file, which embeds the plot files in the same file as the layout file.
Redesigned the Preferences, Axis Options, Variable Settings (formerly Plot Style), and Plot Options (formerly Plot Extras) dialogs.

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