Juxtapose Folders 1.0b2 review

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Juxtapose Folders simply compares two folder for differences.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 10K
Developer: Vertical Eye
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Price: $15.00
Updated: 14 Dec 2004
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Juxtapose Folders simply compares two folder for differences. With Juxtapose Folders you will quickly see which files have changed and which files have been added or removed. Therefore, saving you the time and trouble of tediously hunting through two folders for differences manually.

Juxtapose Folders is insanely easy to use and incredibly easy to understand. All with a polished interface that any professional Mac user will appreciate.

Juxtapose Folders is not a replacement for FileMerge or the command line program diff. These application all serve different purposes. In fact, FileMerge integration is planned for a future version.

What's New:
New improved interface
Compare file content
Compare file names
New item count
New status column displays equal sign for files with the same content
Improved copy functions
Progress indicator now shows amount done
New open menu item
Fixed a few memory leaks
Removed delete command

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