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JGuiB for MacOS X is a GUI written in Java (JDK v5.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1055K
Developer: PharmDataTech, Inc., TAIWAN
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Updated: 03 Mar 2006
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JGuiB for MacOS X is a GUI written in Java (JDK v5.0) which has been designed and implemented to work with Boomer which is an excellent PK/PD modeling program.

JGuiB turns interactive mode of Boomer into a GUI-based (window) application using command-line mode of Boomer. JGuiB includes three most commonly used functions of Boomer in PK/PD modeling: normal fitting, simulation and Bayesian estimation.

JGuiB can process more than one PK/PD model (max. 4 models in one project file) with various weighting schemes simultaneously using one data set. Meanwhile, Bayesian estimation can also be applied to the field of clinical pharmacokinetic services with only one single data point Cp at steady-state.

What's New:
Multiple-dosing PK modeling algorithms to generate .bat for Boomer is added.
Better GUI in "Parameter Tab".
Now compitable with Boomer v3.2.0.

Java 1.4 or later
Boomer for Mac OS X 3.1.4 or later.

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