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JavaGroove is a Visual Development environment for the Java programming language.

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Updated: 31 Aug 2005
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JavaGroove is a Visual Development environment for the Java programming language. It features a highly optimized compiler, visual interface builder and much more! JavaGroove features everything you would expect from your typical commercial product, but for only a fraction of the price.

Here are some key features of "JavaGroove":
Interface Builder:
The interface builder allows you to visually create Java applets. A Java applet is a program which can be executed by Java Virtual Machines, or VM for short. JavaGroove's interface builder has support for Awt and Swing components!
By allowing you to drag and drop an interface, you can save hours of coding time. This in result speeds up development of your software and gives a clean precise interface.

Java Compiler:
With the built in compiler, you can create small and very optimized Java applets. These can be run in your web browser or through a Java Virtual Machine.
The compiler supports the entire Java 2 standards as well as many new features. You can extend the language by downloading additional classes. These classes can be added to your project and compiled.

Java Code Generation:
You can generate Java code based on the interface that you design. When exporting, you have the option to create a new project with this source code or do nothing.

Syntax colored source code editor:
Being able to quickly navigate through code and identify where things such such as variable and function definitions are is an important key to efficient programming. Down at the Squirrel Software Lab, we take this into consideration before any code is written. Colored syntax allows you to spot needed pieces of code quicker then ever before, making your life easier.

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