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When I was very young, I got an electronic version of BattleShips (called "Sea Battle") for Christmas one year.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 503K
Developer: Mark Allan
Price: $0.00
Updated: 10 May 2006
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When I was very young, I got an electronic version of BattleShips (called "Sea Battle") for Christmas one year. I loved it, I could play against the "built-in computer" (a big thing in those days!) in various modes or against a friend. We thought it was fabulous and played it and played it until we damn near broke it. Sadly, it is now broken, probably from having been consigned to the attic for the last 16-or-so years!!

Anyway, I've wanted to play it again for ages, so I set about writing my own version of it. I know there are others out there, but they're all either not quite what I'm looking for or take too long to set up and get stuck into a game. J-Battle is as simple as it gets: fire it up, select "New Game" and click where you want to shoot at. It's absolutely great if you've got a few minutes to spare or if you're bored at work! ;)

I hope you like playing J-Battle. I'll admit that it's not exactly addictive, but it is very good for a quick fix if that's all you're after. If there's anything you particularly like about J-Battle, anything you want to know, have any constructive criticism or ideas for future versions, please let me know. Likewise if you would like the source code or have created an icon you think might be better. Actually, while I'm on the subject of the icon, if you own the picture that the current icon came from, then I'm sorry but I found the pic via Google image search a number of months ago and can't for the life of me remember where it came from! Let me know and I'll credit you or change it.

If you find yourself playing J-Battle a lot, please consider making a wee donation to help me continue writing programs for Mac OS X. I've got a few more ideas up my sleve, so it'd be a really good incentive. Thanks.

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