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iWebCal is a Web-based service that allows you to publish and view iCal calendars (vCalendars) on the Web, without a .

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Updated: 12 Sep 2005
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iWebCal is a Web-based service that allows you to publish and view iCal calendars (vCalendars) on the Web, without a .Mac subscription, a WebDAV server, Web publishing experience, iCal, or even a Mac. All you need to publish your calendar is somewhere to post it on the Web. All you need to view it is a Web browser. iWebCal gives you a permanent URL for your calendar that you can send to your friends or co-workers. The source code to iWebCal is also available to run on your own Web server.

Here are some key features of "iWebCal":
New look & feel. All-new graphics and a new logo give v2.0 a slicker, more modern look.
CSS layout. All the HTML has been redone to take advantage of current CSS layout techniques. This provides greater centralization of style and layout information, faster downloads, increased flexibility, easier-to-read code, and potentially greater portability.
More event information. The popup window used for event details has been expanded to include attendees, location, and URL. Notes are also better formatted now, and the window contains the event summary for quick reference.
Much easier setup. For users wishing to run iWebCal themselves, setup is significantly easier with v2.0. Once the iWebCal source directory is placed on a Web server, it should just work, showing a sample calendar. To display your own calendar, just edit config.inc to tell iWebCal where it is.
More modular. Much of the functionality previously found in the sample index.php file has been moved to a new iWebCal object. In addition, the HTML and CSS have been rewritten to make it easy to embed an instance of iWebCal in another page. Now you can instantiate an iWebCal object, tell it to display itself, and get not only the calendar but all the controls as well.
Session storage protection. iWebCal can be demanding of server storage space when there are a lot of simultaneous users, since it indexes calendars and stores the index in PHP session storage. In extreme cases this might overload a server's disk space. v2.0 allows the administrator to set limits on this storage space so that doesn't happen.

What's New:
Fixed a bug that caused popup-event-info.php to display an error rather than the requested content
Added a line to main.inc that sets gc_probability so session cache files are cleaned up more often.

For viewing calendars: a Web browser.
For publishing calendars:
iCal 1.0.2 or later, or another application that supports the vCalendar format.
A way to post your calendar (.ics) file on the Internet.

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