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iVideo keeps movies the same way Apple's iPhoto keeps pictures.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 4813K
Developer: Waterfall Software
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Updated: 04 Oct 2006
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iVideo keeps movies the same way Apple's iPhoto keeps pictures. With an intuitive user interface, iVideo is definitely something you'll want to use a lot.

Whether you keep home videos, movie trailers, or other videos, iVideo can keep them all separate and organized.

iVideo makes watching your videos a snap. Simply double click a movie in the list and hit play. Its that simple. Stop using folders to organize movies, iVideo can create albums on the fly, letting you organize your whole video library.

10 movie limit.

What's New:
Increased the unregistered movie limit to 25 movies to help give new users a better feeling of iVideo's capabilities. Older versions of iVideo only allowed up to 10 movies.
Added "Set Preview to Current Frame" and "Set Preview to Picture" actions to the respective contextual menus.
New folders, playlists, and smart playlists are now automatically placed within the same folder as the selected playlist. For example, right-clicking a folder and choosing "New Playlist" will create a playlist inside that folder.
When modifying the keywords for multiple movies at once, iVideo now only updates the keywords that you selected/deselected. It was previously impossible to easily give every movie the same keyword without also removing the original keywords for each individual movie.
iVideo now closes the last file it imported. This used to cause problems when deleting the movie later (iVideo would report a "file in use" error).
The Error Log is actually useful now that it records descriptive messages when importing movies.
Made a few changes to the Preferences window to be more consistent with iTunes.
Fixed a bug that involved the "move files" or "copy files" database type and storing the iVideo Movie Library on an external hard drive.
Fixed a crash that occured when trying to edit and remove a keyword at the same time.
Made a few changes to the documentation to make it more organized and concise.

QuickTime 6 or later.

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