iTunes Remote Control 1.4 review

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iTunes Remote Control (iTRC) is a network remote control for iTunes.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 836K
Developer: James Huston
Price: $0.00
Updated: 25 Jul 2006
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iTunes Remote Control (iTRC) is a network remote control for iTunes. It allows you to control iTunes on a remote machine with full track changing support and basic but functional playlist support.

All you need to do it enable Remote Apple Events on the computer with iTunes on it and remember its network name.

What's New:
Redesign UI. Bigger but more usable.
With the new UI comes 10.4 only compatibility.
Search! iTRC can now search your library for titles, artists, albums and genres. iTRC creates a temporary playlist to store the search results.
Faster playlist loading. iTRC turns off track updating while building the playlist since that slows it down a great deal. The progress indicator now becomes the status of the playlist build process.
Reordered the Growl notification. The track title is now the big name and artist and album the smaller info. Now uses the iTunes icon, since iTRC is an extension of iTunes.
One click volume control for off and full volume.
Doesn't error when changing playlists while a playlist is being built.
Artist and Track Title are added to the window name, I guess that helps with Expos? or something.

Remote Apple Events enabled.

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