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InterComm is next-generation instant messaging software that makes communication more productive for team-based projects.

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Updated: 27 Feb 2006
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InterComm is next-generation instant messaging software that makes communication more productive for team-based projects. InterComm offers a level of functionality beyond currently available IM products through its workgroup organization.

With InterComm, your contacts are organized into groups, which can share files and take advantage of group communication tools.

InterComm is organized around the groups in your life: your family, your friends, and the people you work with. Ordinary instant messengers organize all these contacts into one list where you’re either online or offline to all. Most importantly, you can take advantage of selective availability – control over which group members can see you online.

Here are some key features of "InterComm":
Add RSS feeds from blogs or online publications to your InterComm groups. Share targeted industry news with your friends and colleagues thanks to the integrated RSS reader. Because RSS is integrated with instant messaging, you have a built-in discussion group about the feeds.
Organize your contacts into groups or contact lists. Each InterComm™ user in a group sees all the other group members, making it easy to collaborate with a group and take advantage of group communication features. When you're working with people who aren't connected, set up a Contact List.
You determine whether you're available to receive instant messages in each group. If you're busy on a deadline for your project team, make yourself unavailable to your volunteer group. No other instant messenger lets you do this without changing screen names.
Communicate with the whole group, whether your colleagues are online or offline. Your notifications will be delivered through InterComm to the online members and offline members will get them either over email or next time they're online in InterComm, based on their preference. You don't need to keep track of who's online and who's offline, you just send the information, which will be archived in the group.Each group has a repository for group documents. Rather than sending multiple rounds of emails with attachments, just drag and drop the file into the group. Each member will receive a notification. Even better, InterComm keeps track of revisions, so you don't need to keep changing the file name.
InterComm helps you structure your communication. Get the information you need with a poll. The results are structured, tallied, and archived.
Eliminate rounds and rounds of email by proposing meeting times visually. All the attendees can highlight their available times, and you'll easily identify compatible times.

What's New:
Performance enhancements and minor bug fixes.

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