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Indexing Service Companion Indexing Service Companion 3.0
Allows Windows Indexing Service to search remote websites and ODBC databases
DVD Labeler DVD Labeler 3.00.0011
Automatically capture DVD thumbnails.Create customized DVD scene-indexing labels
EZ-FileIndex EZ-FileIndex 2.02
A powerful file-indexing tool for easy and efficient file management
IsSearch IsSearch 1.1.9
IsSearch - is a client side utility for Windows Indexing Service
NeoLight NeoLight 1.1
NeoLight is a Spotlight plug-in that allows Spotlight to index metadata and content within the files created by NeoOffice/J and OpenOffice.
ChemSpotlight ChemSpotlight 1.1
ChemSpotlight is a Spotlight metadata importer plug-in that reads common chemical file formats (MDL .
Easy Find Easy Find 3.2
Easy Find is an alternative to, or supplement of, Sherlock and it finds files, folders or contents in any file without the need for indexing -- and therefore immediately.
Spotless Spotless 1.2.1
Spotless is a simple utility designed to enable and disable Spotlight's auto indexing of volumes with the click of a button.
chatSearch chatSearch 0.8
chatSearch is for extracting, indexing, searching, archiving, viewing, and exporting iChat transcripts.
EasyFind EasyFind 3.9
EasyFind is an alternative to or supplement of Spotlight and finds files, folders or contents in any file without the need for indexing.

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