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iMeet is new generation of IRC clients.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 1972K
Developer: malcom-mac software
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Updated: 04 Oct 2006
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iMeet is new generation of IRC clients. The interface is based upon the new Apple Web Browser, Safari. Why? Because iMeet extends the concept of the web browser to one of the most used real time conversation service on the net: IRC. iMeet is fully integrated with the MacOS X technologies, as like sheets, drag & drop etc.
iMeet is simple to use and you can control all the chat settings and use the IRC commands without strange dos like command (/who, /msg)... but with the simply elegant macintosh gui.

This is a beta release. There are a lot of things to do (please read the "Know Issues" file included) but the most part of the software is okay. If you want to use this software please pay it: if you order your key now you can save 2$ (8$ instead of 10$).

The next releases will include the File Sharing engine and the XDCC full gui compatibility.

What's New:
Now, if you have already a log file of the conversation, iMeet will append text to it instead to replace the contents.
You can use the shortcuts feature!
Fixed a bug into the bans list window (if you remove a mask iMeet don't remove it from the list, but send the message to the server).
Now if you write a /msg or /me command to a queried user that itsn't active the message will be placed correctly into the query.
You can use the /me command (action).
Using the arrow keys (up&down) you can browse the history commands list for each conversation.
If you click one of UserInfo Panel's fields, the text will be copied into the clipboard.
The nick autocompletation can be used in any point of the text (ex: you can type "hello al" and tab to complete the nick).
You can set a autocompletation words list (from Windows menu).
You can show the time stamps for each message.
Now you can set the chat nick cutoff width value.
You can set the font size.
Recent URLs now available (control click on the small icon into the url field).

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