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BoxOffice BoxOffice 0.3.3
The list is retrieved from Yahoo Movie or IMDB.
donkeySearch donkeySearch 1.0
donkeySearch searches for donkey links and imdb info, tabbed in a single Safari window.
DVD Database X DVD Database X 1.7.1
DVD Database X is a full-featured database program designed to help you keep track of any size DVD collection.
MeD's Movie Manager MeD's Movie Manager 2.31
MeD's Movie Manager is a simple to use, yet customizable, movie manager.
MovieFinder MovieFinder 1.240f
MovieFinder is the program you need if you want to keep an inventory of your personal movie collection.
MetaX MetaX 2.56
Finds data from the internet to tag your movies
re:search re:search 1.1
re:search is a little application that’ll hopefully make your Internet search life a little faster.
Red Carpet Red Carpet 1.0
Red Carpet is a simple widget that shows a list of movies being released in Australia for the current week.
FilmBase FilmBase 1.0
FilmBase is a fun, simple program to help you organize and keep facts at hand for all your video content: DVDs, Videotapes, CDs or whatever.
Auto Google Search Auto Google Search 1.0
Auto Google Search is a collection of scripts that demonstrates how to automate URL construction for CGI requests thru a browser (IE).

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