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IMAPCheck is a bundle for Mail.

License: Freeware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 92K
Developer: PerniciousPenguins
Price: $0.00
Updated: 18 Dec 2006
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IMAPCheck is a bundle for that fixes an issue with IMAP support. Namely, when using server side rules to re-route email into folders, wouldn't see the new mail until you actually clicked on the subfolder.

This bundle changes the way Mail checks for new email on IMAP accounts by forcing it to do a full sync every time. Note that this could increase the amount of traffic going between you and your IMAP server significantly.

A known limitation of IMAPCheck is that it still does not enable rules support on IMAP accounts. This bundle WILL allow to see the new email, but it still doesn't process rules in those folders. I looked briefly into enabling rules on these folders, but it seems to be something built directly into POP Account support. I do think it would be possible to write a bundle to fix rules processing, but it would require more development and testing time than I have to dedicate to it.

This bundle changes the behavior of some of the code within While I am not doing anything very complicated or dangerous, there is always a risk associated with modifying another application at runtime. Consider yourself warned that this could potentially crash, destroy data, burn your house down, cause your significant other to leave you, and other nefarious outcomes. Ok, maybe not all of that, but do proceed with caution, and (as always) BACKUP! You DO backup regularly, don't you?

This was written and tested against Apple's version 2.1.1 on 10.4.8 with all the latest updates as of Dec 10, 2006. I have tested it and seen it working on two generations of MacBook Pros and on a PPC Mac Mini.

It is a universal application and should work on other versions of OS X, however the farther away you get from version 2.1.1 of, the more likely you are to see crashes and/or other issues.

I highly recommend updating if you would like to use this bundle.

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