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iBiz is an easy to use time-billing and invoicing application.

License: Trial
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: IGG Software, LLC
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Updated: 11 Jan 2007
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iBiz is an easy to use time-billing and invoicing application. It integrates with iCal and Address Book, offers tax support and easily generates custom invoices. This is the most intuitive time-billing application out there.

Essential for anyone self employed. Try it, you won't be disappointed. And yeah, it has seamless networking features.

Here are some key features of "iBiz":
iBiz Widget. A time-keeping widget to quickly start and stop timers on events. Use it to quickly add new events, toggle between events and then assign events to clients and projects later in iBiz. Only works with iBiz 2.4 or higher (available for 10.4 users only)
Networking. For those of you who need an efficient way to collaborate on projects, iBiz 2.0 offers seamless networking capabilities so people can easily work together. Download the iBiz Server trial package
File Cabinet. Associate files with a project then open the file from within iBiz and it will start recording your time.
iCal Integration. Let iBiz track your hours and then with a click of a button you can see your work in the calendar of your choice in iCal. You can also add To Do items and import events from iCal.
Workday. iBiz's workday drawer is an easy way to see what you have done for the day and adjust start and end times for tasks.
Address Book Integration. iBiz adds a special group to Address Book so any person you have in that group, is a client in iBiz.
Estimates. Make estimates as easily as you make invoices. Click a button and send them as a PDF attachment using Mail or Entourage. They are saved with the appropriate client to access later.
Job Event Groups. By popular demand, organize job events into groups for easier navigation and nicer looking invoices.
Timer. Every minute counts. Let iBiz keep track of them and you can round them.
Invoice. Customize invoices with your look. Change fonts add a logo and/or a special message, either way, its up to you. Click a button and send them as a PDF attachment using Mail or Entourage.
Reporting. Create powerful reports with one click. Select the projects to be analyzed and click a button, it is that simple. If you want to get more advanced you can select a range of dates and iBiz will do the math. Three different graphical reports are available.
To-do Manager. Create to-dos for projects, assign them to different users if you use the networking version. Import and export them into iCal.

10 day trial period.

What's New:
Major UI enhancements
New client billing management area
New invoicing engine
Document Monitor to auto-track time spent on files
New invoice template editor
Support for HTML-based templates
New quick timer window--quickly add and start timers in floating window or from menu bar
Invoice multiple projects
Seperate expenses (flat rate events) on invoices
iCal syncing
New and improved reporting
New Mileage job event type
New toolbar and button icons
Global default rates at client and project level
New project filtering ala iTunes.

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