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I Can Animate lets you create stunning movies using a variety of animation techniques.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Kudlian Software
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Updated: 14 Sep 2006
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I Can Animate lets you create stunning movies using a variety of animation techniques. I Can Animate allows you to work with different video layers so that you can create an animation from video captured from a camera, pictures you have drawn yourself or both together. All this in one single application. Integrates fully with QT and iMovie. Probably the most powerful and functional animation application now available. Full support and integartion for QT and iMovie.

Animations can now be filmed in a fraction of time with the additional powerful functions found in I Can Animate, Create and duplicate mutliple clips and frames, copy and reverse frames and groups of frames, mix drawn and 'claymation together in a single movie. Multiple frame onion skinning, preview clips and frames and export as an iMovie project.

Here are some key features of "I Can Animate":
Video can be captured from a digital video camera, web cam or imported from a photograph or any graphic file
Create animations by drawing and painting directly within the application
Supports 'onion skinning'
Select a number of existing frames and compare them with the next frame to be captured. The source frame and existing frames can have their transparency altered and layered ordered changed
Place a background image behind your drawing
Set a Chroma Key colour for the captured video layer so that you can film a subject and place it against another background or movie
The drawing layer sits on top of the video layer so that you can 'photo retouch' the images you have captured without changing the video images themselves.
For example removing any strings or rods attached to objects
Apply a range of photo effects to any of the image layers.

What's New:
Enhanced chroma key colour models and the ability to rotate the video input, essential if you are using a camera stand where the camera is mounted upside down.

Mac OS X 10.3 or later
Quicktime 6 or later.

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