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CustomSync CustomSync 3.0
Customize Palm HotSync settings quickly.
Just Install Just Install 2.1
Speeds up Palm software and eBook installation
QueueSyncMail QueueSyncMail 2.0.6
This software is Conduit which does HotSync with Palm and MicroSoft Entourage.
QueueSync QueueSync 2.0.5
QueueSync is Conduit which does HotSync with Palm and Microsoft Entourage.
Palm Converter Palm Converter 2.0a16
Palm Converter (PC) is an application that can read some of the files that are created on a Palm and transferred to your desktop when you HotSync your Palm.
iQue Conduit iQue Conduit 1.1.1
The Garmin iQue 3600 is a PalmOS 5 PDA with built-in GPS capabilities and comes with Windows software only.
SwitchSync Ex SwitchSync Ex 5.0
Synchronize with both Palm Desktop and Outlook within one HotSync.
Palm Desktop Utilities Palm Desktop Utilities 1.3
Backup, copy, and restore your Palm Desktop data quickly and easily.
iSiloX iSiloX 4.32
SiloX provides a graphical user interface for creating and editing document conversion lists as well as initiating conversion of documents specified in such lists.
iTreo iTreo 1.6
iTreo is a backup companion for the Treo 600 or Zire 71 handheld.

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