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Histogram Carbon II Histogram Carbon II 2.0.1
Histogram Carbon II is a dedicated histogram graphing programthat produces professional-quality graphs with ease and allows full customization of almost every aspect.
HistogramPlus HistogramPlus 1.2
Probably the histogram maker ever made! within Excel and beyond
Circular Histogram Engine for Effortless Statistical Evaluation (CHEESE) makes circular histogram creation simple.
Histogram Histogram 2.0.1
Histogram is a professional-quality histogram graphing application, perfect for presentations and science reports.
SBHisto Histogram Generator SBHisto Histogram Generator 1.2
Generates histograms from simple ascii data files
Labels & Overlays Labels & Overlays 1.1
Labels & Overlays is a collection of iMovie plugin effects for annotating movie clips with labels, markers, grids, and overlays.
ScopeBox ScopeBox 1.0
ScopeBox replaces a cart full of tools: Preview Monitor, Waveform, Vectorscope, Audio Meters, Direct Disk Recorder and goes even further, adding Luminance Histogram, RGB Histograms, and RGB Parade.
Keith's AstroImager Keith's AstroImager 1.0
Keith's AstroImager is a webcam capture program especially tailored to astrophotography including features such as histograms, channel separation, debayering (for RAW modded cameras), focusing aids, collimation circles, and cardinal axes for a variety of alignment procedures such as drift alignment, periodic error correction, and guiding.
Net Monitor Net Monitor 4.3.9
Net Monitor graphs a histogram of network activity of local and remote computers in a floating window, the Dock, the Menu Bar or in a regular window.
Chartsmith Chartsmith 1.3
Chartsmith is the premier charting and graphing solution for Mac OS X.

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