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Beautiful Hidden Passage Beautiful Hidden Passage 1.0
Get A Glimpse Of This Beautiful Hidden Haven
Hidden Target Hidden Target 6+
Hidden Target provides a very simple way to show and unshow hidden files, and design to be very lightweight.
Funter is tool to show, find and view hidden files and folders on Mac.
NetSearch NetSearch 1.2
Utility designed to search LAN for all kinds of files and hidden shares
ShowHide Files ShowHide Files 1.0
ShowHide Files is an application I made to cause Finder to show Unix files and other hidden files.
VSE File Pirate VSE File Pirate 3.1.1
Did you know that you already own tons of hidden pictures, lots of hidden sounds and many many other hidden resources on your hard drive? VSE File Pirate allows you to view these files and extract their resource, modify them, or delete them.
Hidden Swap Buttons Hidden Swap Buttons 1.1
You will be able to play and, if necessary, hide it from the eyes of the others.
123 Hidden Sender 123 Hidden Sender 8.63
123 Hidden Sender sends real ANONYMOUS bulk emails, send personalized mails.
DigiMode FindFast DigiMode FindFast 2.00
Find hidden files of any type withen any disk drive or directory specified by U
Hidden Object Warning Hidden Object Warning 1.0
Hidden Object Warning is an Adobe IllustratorCS plugin which provides an alert dialog that notifies the user of hidden objects and layers in the document when opening, with options to show layers and or objects.

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