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hD is a distortion effect with harmonic generators.

License: Demo
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: Music Unfolding
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Updated: 16 Aug 2006
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hD is a distortion effect with harmonic generators. It can generate two pitch-shifted copies of up to two octaves above the input signal. It also has a sub-octave generator. hD's design uses its harmonic generators to enhance the distortion. The two harmonic voices are mixed into the signal before the distortion stage. We developed the sub-octave generator algorithm specifically for hD. It is latency-free. We place it after the distortion stage. This lets you get a good rumble without sounding like you've run a bass through a fuzz box.

hD can also be used to generate 12-string guitar effects and as a note doubler. We recommend downloading and using our free parametric EQ, xEQ, when demo'ing hD. xEQ is available on our website.

What's New:
The parameter and label colors can now be set by the user in the registration/preferences panel. The color settings will apply to all Twister AUs so that this only needs to be changed once.
Added more options for setting parameter values. Parameter displays can be still be controlled with the big knob. But, now you can now adjust parameter settings by dragging and clicking on the parameter readout. Dragging vertically changes the value quickly and dragging horizontally changes the value slowly for finer control. The values can also be adjusted with a mouse scroll wheel by hovering over the parameter readout. Scrolling vertically gives faster change and if you have the ability to scroll horizontally (a Mighty Mouse, for example), horizontal scrolling changes the value slower for finer control.

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