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Take control of multi-carrier task forces.

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Updated: 27 Jan 2006
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Take control of multi-carrier task forces. Relive historical raids such as El Dorado Canyon, Operation Babylon or Desert Storm. Hunt Russian missile submarines under the Arctic icepack. Stop the Red Tide in Iceland, in the Atlantic, in the Mediterranean or the Pacific. Jump into the Taiwanese straits. Feel the confinement of the Persian Gulf waters. Organize and direct massive air, surface and underwater clashes. Or switch sides and hunt down US carriers with radar satellites, huge bombers, submarines and nuclear missiles. The tradition of realistic air and naval warfare continues with Harpoon 3.

As the successor to the award-winning Harpoon 2 and Harpoon Classic, Harpoon 3 is quite possibly the most comprehensive, most realistic and most accurate strategy-simulation of air and naval operations available to non-military users. The computer-Harpoon series is, in fact, considered to be close enough to "the real thing" that it has been in use for years by various military branches around the world as a training and "what-if" simulation tooll. LIke Harpoon Classic, Harpoon 3 uses Larry Bond's tabletop minatures wargame Harpoon as its source, just like Clancy did with Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising.

Harpoon 3 enables the faithful modelling and representation of the full range of modern air and naval operations; including submarine & anti-submarine warfare, carrier battlegroup operations, convoy actions, land-based air operations, employment of nuclear weapons, amphibious and air-assault operations, massive fleet engagements and more.

Harpoon 3's scale and location of scenarios is virtually unlimited. Whether you want to simply test an Aegis cruiser against a Kirov-class battlecruiser or completely model World War 3 or a possible conflict in the Western Pacific.

Here are some key features of "Harpoon":
The most realistic modern naval warfare simulation publicly available
Derived from Harpoon Classic, and updated from Harpoon II.
Based on Larry Bond's Harpoon 3rd Edition Rules
Microsoft Windows compatible: 98, ME, NT4, 2, and XP
Apple Macintosh compatible: System 7.1 or greater, OSX support
Unlimited combat areas - the entire world is included!
Multiple databases, many user created
Unlimited scenario creation with the Scenario Editor
Unlimited platform editing via the Platform Editor
More sophisticated simulation code than Harpoon Classic
Open database, hence the editors and databases are user created!

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