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Guiffy is a visual file/folder compare merge utility.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 3563K
Developer: Bill Ritcher
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Price: $75.00
Updated: 26 Sep 2006
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Guiffy is a visual file/folder compare merge utility. It's features include: 3-way smart merge, ComparEdit(great for finding/moving a bug fix from one version to another), InLine diffs hiliting, Integrated folder/filetree compare, Unicode and MBCS plus over 150 file encoding formats.

Guiffy comes with a Java API package so you can use it as a component in your Java applications.

Plus, a command line interface is included for use in scripts and integration with CM/SCM systems (Including: CVS, Perforce, and StarBase). Guiffy's 3-way smart merge, called SureMerge, surpasses all other merge tools with its intelligent functionality and ease-of-use.

21 days trial.

What's New:
NEW Ignore Whitespace types: Leading, Embedded, & Trailing.
Find in 1st | 2nd view indicators in the dialog and menu.
Disallow Editing CLI -ge1|ge2 options.
Circular link detections during file tree compare on Unix/Linux.
MacOS X Installer setup improved to select the latest JRE.
Help buttons added for context sensitive help in File Compare Show, Folder Compare Show, and FileTypes dialogs.
DragNDrop into file/folder open panels user interface improved.
Startup 12-20% faster.
Installer improvements for the latest Suse, Redhat, Fedora, Solaris, and MacOS X distributions.
Readied for Java 1.6 beta testing.
CLI -duser.home= for Windows installs with Redirected Desktops.
Help improvements: Added information for Uninstall/Update/Upgrade and Added Integration note for Visual Studio Team Foundation Server.
Updated U.I. translations.

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