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Grapple is a string finder for the Mac that is both friendly and intuitive to use.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
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Developer: PlaNet-3 Software
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Updated: 21 Oct 2005
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Grapple is a string finder for the Mac that is both friendly and intuitive to use. It was initially inspired by the GREP utility on Unix machines, but is a true Mac utility, with an attractive interface.

Here are some key features of "Grapple":
Set your search options on either the default or extended Grapple dialog:
case sensitive or not
recursive through sub-folders or not
aliases can be followed or ignored
search data fork, resource fork or both
set a maximum size or search files of any size
set a range of last modification dates or ignore them

Set up your favorite file types to search
group file types together to search general classes of files

Build a menu of your most useful folders to search
easily accessed from a menu on the main dialog
you can even choose a starting folder by just dragging it over the Grapple icon

See at a glance how the search is proceeding with the progress dialog.
continuously updated statistics of the search so far
halt a search midway at the press of a button

Let Grapple search in the background while you use another application

Search results are listed clearly in the Results Window. You can view them as either:
snippets of text centered on your search string, or
one line of information , including statistics, for each file containing a match.

What's New:
Grapple 1.3 searches through text twice as fast as version 1.2.
This makes Grapple faster than any of the 7 search engines we tested!
Export search results as text - from either Extracts or List views
Files created on PCs or Unix boxes are indexed and viewed as if they were Mac files.

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