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GraphPro is a flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic is a flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic.

License: Shareware
OS: Mac OS X
File size: 2468K
Developer: MacSOS
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Updated: 11 Aug 2006
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GraphPro is a flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic is a flicker-free graphing class for REALbasic.

Here are some key features of "GraphPro":
Pie, Cartesian and Column graph modes
Compiles under RB 5.5
Compiles for Win32 and MacOS systems.
Multiple over-laying Cartesian graphs
Unlimited data sets.
Unlimited sized data sets.
Coloured and patterned line of best fit curves
Graph Title can be re-positioned by dragging
Graph Title can be edited in-line by double clicking
Legend Title can be re-positional by dragging
Coloured X, Y, X2, Y2 Axes
X and Y Axis labels can be dragged and double clicked.
Axes Auto-resize to accommodate changes to the datasets and the canvas
Coloured Nodes can be transparent squares, circles, triangles, diamond, Pictures and other polygons
Nodes can be different pictures!
Nodes can be individually coloured.
Nodes support X and Y errors bars (Upper and lower limits too)
Many basic statistics for all datasets (sum, SD, Linear Regression, Mean, count etc etc)
Contextual Menu controls can be added
Curves can show or hide their Nodes error bars
Lines can be different patterns
Horizontal and Vertical dashed GridLines.
Drill down (ie Zoom In/zoom out graphs)
Fill Curves
Axis hairlines
Axes can now autosize upper and lower bounds.
The drag direction for axis labels can now be constrained to specific planes.
Background pictures and coloured gradients for plots, legends, axes and nodes.
Complex styled AXIS labels, including Symbols, Superscript and Subscript.
Custom, front-to-back ordering, of curves.
Line of Best fit (i.e. "trend Lines") for individual curves.

What's New:
Bar curves now display tall columns only up to the top edge of the inner graph region, rather than not displaying them at all
Added cCurve.DrawInflectionPlaneY as Boolean and UseInflectionPlaneY as Boolean. The inflection plane is set at the zero on the Y-axis. This is used for Bar graph to invert if the Y-value is negative
Removed cCurve.AutoSizeMinBuffer as double
Renamed cCurve.AutoSizeMaxBuffer to cCurve.AutoSizeAxisBufferRatio as double. This continues to take a value from 1.0. (eg 1.2 would be make the resulting axis to be 20% bigger than the max and min of the associated curve). The default value for AutoSizeAxis is 1.1 so an extra 10% is added to the Max and Min values of the auto-sized axis.

REALbasic 5.5 or later.

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