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Glyph Font Viewer Glyph Font Viewer 1.0
You can use the glyphs as easy as character.
EuroPatch EuroPatch 2.6
EuroPatch enables easy typing of the Euro glyph from the most important Eurofonts without switching fonts.
Glyph Chess Glyph Chess 1.0.1
Glyph Chess is a simple chess game that can also be played on a network.
FontMapper FontMapper 1.2
The current fonts of the most font companies contain the Euro glyph.
SING Gaiji for InDesign SING Gaiji for InDesign 1.0b
Adobe's SING architecture answers a requirement of "gaiji" for Japanese, Chinese, and Korean typography.
Unicoder Latin Unicoder Latin 1.0
Unicoder Latin is a stand-alone application to be used to check on a character when you need it.
Glypher Glypher 1.0
This utility is meant for the creation of system folder icons.
FontGridMac FontGridMac 2.0.1
FontGridMac gives you access to all the characters in your fonts.
ZD03 ZD03 1.0
My namesake and six of his brothers are all five years old this year.
Font Explorer Font Explorer 2.0.1
Font Explorer gives you access to all the characters in your fonts.

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