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Genesis Plus Genesis Plus 1.2.8
Genesis Plus features very accurate emulation of the original Sega Genesis, even to the point that some software which has problems on the real hardware (Sonic Crackers, for example) exhibits the same behaviour under emulation.
Genesis Genesis 8.3
Stock charting and technical analysis trading system with Internet connectivity
Emulator Enhancer Emulator Enhancer 2.1
Emulator Enhancer adds a number of features to supported emulators, including Arnold, Boycott Advance, fMSX, Generator, Genesis Plus, Horizon, Jum52, KiGB, MO5, Neopocott, O2Em, Oric, Oswan, RockNES, SMS Plus, TEO, Thom, TGEmu, and ViBE.
Generator Generator 0.4.2
Generator is compatible with the majority of Genesis software.
Academia Academia 3.0
Academia is an educational program that can be helpful to test-takers.
Angel Eggs Angel Eggs 3.0.1
In Angel Egg, each player is an angel on probation.
RomCenter RomCenter 3.7.1
Universal rom manager. List, audit and repair all your roms.
Instant Memory Instant Memory 2.0
Instant Memory is a memory- testing tool that can increase your memory.
God Our Creator Screen Saver God Our Creator Screen Saver 3.0
This screen saver combines nature photographs with Scriptures on God's creation.
God Our Creator Christian Screen Saver God Our Creator Christian Screen Saver 3.0
God Our Creator Christian Screen Saver - nature photos with creation verses.

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