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Solitaire Well Solitaire Well Card
Play two unique grand solitaires Napoleon's Tomb and Diamond!
Cribbage for Windows Cribbage for Windows 4.14 Card
2 handed game of Cribbage with board and pegs. Name players, Won/lost totals.
Hand Foot Canasta Hand Foot Canasta 4.14 Card
2 handed game of Hand & Foot Canasta, Won/lost totals, Sound on/off.
Pinochle for Windows Pinochle for Windows 4.14 Card
4 hand, single deck, pass between partners game. Review of deal and pass.
Fat Cat Hearts Fat Cat Hearts 1.6.116 Card
Play several hearts variations against the computer or over internet
Solitaire City for Palm OS Solitaire City for Palm OS 1.02 Card
Play a collection of popular solitaire games against the clock on Palm handhelds
Hardwood Solitaire III Hardwood Solitaire III 1.1 B33 Card
3D Solitaire game with great graphics and revolutionary fun features
Wutch Wutch 1.5 Card
An unusual game matching cards by pictures and tokens to make money.
Spider Wizard Spider Wizard 2.1 Card
Spider, Spider One Suit, Spider Two Suits, and other solitaire games
Canasta for Windows Canasta for Windows 5.2.1 Card
Fun and challenging version of Canasta, the popular classic card game
BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac BVS Solitaire Collection for Mac 1.9 Card
A collection of 510 multi-featured solitaire card games to play on your Mac.
HOYLE Miami Solitaire HOYLE Miami Solitaire 1.0 Card
Latin tunes and beautiful Art Deco energize this captivating solitaire game.
Championship Euchre for Windows Championship Euchre for Windows 7.50 Card
March to Victory with this Mid-West Favorite!
FreeCell Wizard FreeCell Wizard 3.1 Card
Freecell and other solitaire games
Solitaire Plus! Solitaire Plus! 3.0 Card
Solitaire Plus! is a collection of 30 solitaire games for PCs and Netbooks.
Solitaire Wizard Solitaire Wizard 2.1.0 Card
Klondike and other solitaire games
Elite Freecell Elite Freecell 1.1 Card
A new life of good old freecell. Elements of adventure have been introduced!
Egyptian Baccarat Egyptian Baccarat 1.0 Card
Egyptian Baccarat acquaints you with an inhabitant of ancient Egypt!
Tams11 Cribbage Tams11 Cribbage Card
Tams11 version of the popular game Cribbage.
3D Classic Card Games 3D Classic Card Games 1.1 Card
Four 3D card games, whist, seven up, crazy eights, war.
Solitaire Setty Solitaire Setty 2.00 Card
Create your own cardsets for use in Solitaire City for Windows or Pocket PC.
Solitaire City for Pocket PC Solitaire City for Pocket PC 3.00 Card
This is one solitaire collection you can't afford to miss !
Ultimate Gin 5.0 Ultimate Gin 5.0 5.0.81 Card
Play Gin with animated computer characters or a friend over the internet or LAN
All Solitaire Games All Solitaire Games 1.00.4170 Card
High-quality collection of 966 card games with documentation and animated demos.
5 Realms of Cards 5 Realms of Cards 1.0 Card
Go through 5 Realms of Cards full of addictive solitaire playing fun and enjoy!